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Contact DC-SOAR

Send email to info (at) dc-soar (dot) org for general information and booking

SOAR Board of Directors and Current Officers:

  Tom Hudon
  Ted White
  Brett McCoy
  April Bower  
  Debi Byrd
  Raffaella Berry


The Society of Art Rock, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit educational organization, was established in 2004 to advance the education of non-commercial music that mixes elements of classical, jazz, and contemporary rock styles into a musical form called Art Rock.

We are an organization of progressive rock music enthusiasts and artists. Our primary goal is to promote and advance the education of the musical form called Art Rock or Progressive Rock in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. We need you to help build a community with a powerful presence to attract artists to the area and persuade club owners and promoters to book more progressive rock events.