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April 2013

The Annual Meeting of the Society of Art Rock will take place Saturday April 27 at 2PM at The Mad Fox Brewing Company, 444 West Broad Street in Falls Church, VA.  All are invited to attend.  We will review last years operations, our finances, upcoming shows, and vote on new Officers and the expansion of SOAR to Florida.

December 2012

Welcome to our new and much improved web site!  We have shifted operations to Cloudaccess where we are using Joomla to allow our Officers and Board Members to easily add content and update the site.  With this change we hope to be adding new content and updates from our membership more frequently.

November 2012

Nine years after the Society of Art Rock (SOAR) was formed by five individuals sharing a common love of non-commercial music that mixes elements of classical, jazz, and contemporary rock styles into a musical form called Art Rock, the now nearly 200 member organization held two fundraising concerts that highlighted the creativity and diversity of bands stretching from New Jersey to Northern Virginia.

The first show, held on Saturday November 3, featured Ephemeral Sun (NoVA) and Shadow Circus (NJ).

The second show, held on November 17, featured Prophet Code (MD), Zero Mercury (DC) and Kabob-O-taj (DC/MD).

Both shows were held at: Orion Sound Studios 2903 Whittington Ave., Suite C Baltimore, Md. 21230

Ephemeral Sun are a perennial SOAR favorite, and for good reason. Their 2010 release Harvest Aorta " one of the most pleasing bodies of art rock to pass this way for a long time, and will doubtlessly feature on a majority of the 'Best-of-2010' lists. And it just might require a crow bar to get it out of the CD player." - Duncan Glenday, SEA OF TRANQUILITY

Shadow Circus recently signed with 10T records for the release of their upcoming full length concept CD, entitled On a Dark and Stormy Night, a progressive rock tour-de-force that finds the band’s creative scope widening, including elements of cinematic orchestral arrangements, classic Progressive Rock, Celtic music, and Metal.

Prophet Code is a new all originals progressive rock band that includes past and present members of Iluvatar.

Zero Mercury is a highly improvisational heavy progressive rock group playing what could loosely be described as "space rock". They are currently working on a full-length CD called The Awakening.

Kabob-O-taj breaches genre barriers without so much as a backward glance, and creates a diverse musical landscape sculpted through passion, improvisation and an unbreakable bedrock of musical understanding. With a unique blend of rock, reggae, funk, jazz, metal, and even classical influences, they produce an experimental sound that straddles a line between mellow and maniacal.

SOAR thanks all of these bands for donating their time and energies to help us continue spreading the Art Rock sound.